Here is a summary of our admission procedure to guide you in enrolling a student.

An admission application form is required and should be obtained for processing a student's registration and admission. Students admitted into JSS ONE(1) must have attained the age of ten (10) and must have completed basic six (6).
You can download an electronic copy of the application form below.
Submitted the completed application form along with the following documents:
- 2 recent passport photographs.
- Photocopy of candidate's birth certificate or international passport data page.
- Most recent academic reports from the last two years.
- Immunization record and medical record (after the admission is offered)

1) Purchase of Provincial Entrance Examination Form from February-April each year, obtained from any Seminary/ Convent in Niger or Enugu Province. 2) Writing of Provincial Common Entrance Examination in April each year. 3) Entrance Examination in Mathematics, English Language and General Paper. 4) The examination is taken at any centre of your choice within Niger and Enugu Provinces of Anambra, Enugu and Ebonyi State and a designated centre at Lagos. 5) Only successful candidates after entrance exam are qualified to write the interview exam. 6) Interview exam is held in May every year on English and Mathematics only. 7) Interview exam is taken in the candidate’s school of first choice. 8) Successful candidates after interview exams are given admission letters.

Applicants will undergo a test according to their age/academic category.

Successful candidates will be informed by SMS, email, or phone call.

A provisional letter of admission will then be issued for collection.

Acceptance letter signed and returned with all required payment.

Payments are made to designated banks or via pos on school premises, or online. Accounts department receives the bank slip/draft and issues a receipt.

Student meets with a senior teacher and is allocated to the appropriate class.

For further enquiries on how to apply,

Please call any of the following numbers +234 (0)704-170-7954, +234 (0)704-117-7081, or send an email to