Yes, kids code, too!

We are teaching young students the language of technology and giving them the opportunity to create something that can change the world.


The power of machine intelligence.

Let’s create AI systems.

Let’s disrupt together.


Yes, kids code, too.

Let’s train them to build systems and technologies that can make human life more easy and comforting. 

IT is commonly defined as the study of the intelligent connection between perception and action.


in vision with Bishop e. o. Ikeakor

A world-class intensive and hands-on IT curriculum for developing outstanding young talents in the fields of computer programming, artificial intelligence, software development, cloud computing, computer system development, hardware programming, etc.

This is designed specifically for the students of Master’s Vessels Seminary, Osumenyi, and Holy Child Convent, Amichi; however, externals will be welcomed.

Aims and Objectives

ICT is advancing and emerging with new technologies at an amazing, disruptive, and life-changing pace. The need for highly talented experts to be part of this drive is ever increasing and has become super critical, especially, with the enormously trending developments in artificial intelligence, data science, machine intelligence, web development, autonomous/self-driving cars, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), IoT/e, robotics, virtual/augmented reality, etc. It is in view of this that the Issachar Communications Academy is positioned to develop top-notch talents to meet the world’s ever-growing demand for high tech skills. To achieve this, the academy has prepared and developed a highly robust, industry standard training curriculum to provide the students with out-of-this-world high-tech skills. At the end of this series of guided, elaborate, and distributed trainings, every student (no one will be left behind) will be able to research technology and use technology domains to create and develop solutions to solve real-world problems - be it in industry, healthcare, agriculture, business, education, etc.